Feminist Europa. Review of Books.
Vol. 2, No2, 2002

Hrsg: Giovanna Covi, Waltraud Dumont du Voitel, Tobe Levin

ddv verlag, Heidelberg
ISSN: 1618-7628

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30 € für Institutionen/Institutions

Feminist Europa. Review of Books wants to strengthen the ties among feminist scholars and women's communities active in all European countries. Have you ever wondered what happens in the rest of Europe, outside of your own country and in languages you do not command? Our aim is to facilitate awareness of the productivity and debates within women's studies across linguistic and cultural barriers in Europe, drawing on an extensive pool of scholars and activists committed to transcultural and transnational discourse. We host publications that have an impact on women`s culture and deserve to be known outside their local context; we foster the flow of information across national borders and language boundaries.

Engendering the Past in Archaeology and History is highlighted in this issue by our guest editor Patricia Plummer. Furthermore, our pages "Publications on Literature" and "Progress in Research" as well as "Profiles" complete our range of topics. Short cuts from books published in Australia and in many European countries, such as Yugoslavia with Serbia and Montenegro cover our chapter Shortakes.

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