Feminist Europa. Review of Books.
Vol. 2, No1, 2002

Hrsg: Giovanna Covi, Waltraud Dumont du Voitel, Tobe Levin

ddv verlag, Heidelberg
ISSN: 1618-7628

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30 € für Institutionen/Institutions

Feminist Europa. Review of Books can greatly profit from the contributions offered by the networking community that the journal aims at creating. Our policy since the beginning has supported the presentation and diffusion of individual works and has encouraged reviewers to shape their contributions in different and personal ways. We believe that a community of women must speak in different voices and aim at offering a forum in which they can all find a place and a fruitful occasion for exchange and communication.

This issue provides you with a special focus on Women's Detective Fiction compiled by the guest editor Carmer Birkle with reviews form countries such as Germany, Denmark, Russia and France. Furthermore, political subjects such as a case study on gender and anti-semitism are discussed combinded with a feature on the Algerian author Assia Djerba and her oeuvre. Shortakes - introducing new publications as short-cuts - cover a varietyof publications from Europe to African-America.

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